I've had a shitty day. Spent half an hour arguing with my manager that my disability was something that they have to take into consideration. Literally had to explain that ADHD is protected under the UK equality act. Was fucking furious by the end, did no work for the afternoon, couldn't deal. I literally work for a medical company.

A couple of years ago I got told, "jokingly" by a colleague, that "learning disabilities are made up excuses for stupid people". I have a learning disability (dyspraxia). They lacked both the skills and knowledge to do my job.

Don't make jokes like that. They're not funny, and make you look stupid.

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    I like your name.
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    I know running and dancing is much more difficult to learn, but was typing a difficult skill to obtain?
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    Fuck ADHD it sucks and I was diagnosed after thorough evaluation! There’s a difference between being lazy and flat out not being able to focus in spite of being motivated to do so. It has to do with the executuve areas of the brain being on the weaker side. I’m intelligent but I’m hit or miss when it comes to performance on cognitive tasks, and normies never understand why I’m so damn inconsistent...sadly they never will
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    @HitWRight my coordination problems were really bad when I was young. I have loads of scars from learning to ride a bike. my family had a computer from a very young age because of my dad's job (this is 25 years ago when having a home computer was unusual), so 2 finger typing at a young age was fine. I didn't really learn to touch type till I was 20, by which point I'd got better to the point it wasn't a problem.

    Still can't catch for shit, and have 2 left feet. Running is fine tho.
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    @atheist wow, is this a symptom of adhd that’s not well known bc my coordination also sucks. I tend to get nervous when someone throws something to me bc I expect to fumble it and embarrass myself in front of everyone. I have bad butterfingers and often drop things
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    @TeachMeCode so, ADHD also comes with its share of coordination problems. Basically, to improve you need to pay attention (not adhd strong point), plus coordination and executive function go hand in hand. I also have dyspraxia, which is all about coordination/posture/fine motor control, so I'm doubly fucked.
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    @atheist what about medication to help you?
    My cousin have ADHD , taking conceta for years and doing really well as security architect.

    I don't have ADHD but I took some pills from him once .. I couldn't get to sleep but I was focused as fuck.
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    @dror I'm on the medication. No matter what, it's not a cure all. Helps with some stuff, not others. I'm still shit at remembering paperwork.
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    Although at the same time, people shouldn't have to take the medication if they don't want to. I do because it helps, some people find it "zombifies" them, they do stuff but not much emotion, suppresses their personality.

    Part of the reason I'm a software engineer is because I find it interesting (which helps the focus). People with ADHD are usually better with short feedback loops (run a thing, get a result, good/bad), which is writing and running code. They're also usually worse at long feedback loops (fill in a form, send it off, wait a week for a response). The immediacy gives a dopamine hit that ADHD brains crave.

    While the exact causes of ADHD are not known, at least one possible cause is reduced levels of (or reduced sensitivity to) dopamine in the brain.
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    @atheist every time I have to fill a form I die a little inside
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    @TeachMeCode lol, forms. You mean "bills for being late".
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