Today I deactivated and uninstalled my facebook account, because I want to get less distracted.
I didn't realise how addicting the inane bullshit of other people is until I started feeling like I've lost a limb.
I am going to brave through this!!!!!! Fuck Social Media.

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    Slightly ironic you've put this on a developer specific social media app, but I get your point.
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    @CrankyOldDev the irony hasn't escaped me. It's just..... I need my fix man!! (Imagine me with a crazy expression on my face like a crack addict gone crazy)
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    Well, good luck not getting addicted to devrant
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    It is pretty concerning that so many people have to resort to this sort of cold turkey shit. I have Facebook, I use Facebook, it's a decent and useful tool for connecting people and sharing in experiences. I barely ever scroll past 5 posts though and I only ever check it when I have notifications. My issue is that i don't share enough on Facebook sometimes because while others are busy trying to convince you they are having the best time/life, I'm filling up my phone with photos of good times with friends, family and my baby and I always forget to upload them for other people to see, probably because I'm busy actually enjoying it and don't stop to think, oh I need my instant gratification hit, need to get something up for those likes. Deleting Facebook (or any other social network) isn't really addressing the issue is it. Need to work on that addiction to attention and start experiencing your life through your own eyes, not everyone elses.
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    "It is pretty concerning that so many people have to resort to this sort of cold turkey shit. I have beer, I drink beer, it's a decent and useful drink for connecting people and sharing experiences. I barely ever have more than 5 beers though and I only ever drink it when I have friends. My issue is that I don't drink enough beer sometimes..." This hypothetical comment would not be helpful for alcoholics. I'm just saying Facebook addiction has as much force over behavior as alcoholism.
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    Hi guys. Before this dissolves into a knife fight online, I would like to clear some stuff up. The reason why I deactivated my facebook account was because I have to focus on a project I'm working on with my friends. I hail from the glorious land of India, where Facebook has devolved into a popularity contest between the ultra vain and has become a host to a parasitic horde of fake accounts like "Angel Priya" or "Sexy Supriya". Just because anyone can make an account, everyone has made an account, it has lost its charm.
    At least for now, DevRant is pretty niche, that's why it is fun.
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    @ALivingMemory right bro
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    Why not just create a new Facebook where you only add people you actually want to hear from?
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    Remove birthday on facebook info. And remove friends except the ones that still say happy birthday to you.

    Turns out I removed all my friends…
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    Fair, I shouldn't make claims without first finding citations. Luckily- I can do a quick search in google scholar for "internet addiction" alcoholism

    Here's an article from the Official Journal of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology ... http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/...

    Comparing against those with internet addiction, Yen et. al.'s "Results indicated that adolescents with substance experience were older and had higher hostility, more depression, greater somatization, less anxiety, and lower obsessive–compulsive behavior."

    So, in their sample, those with Internet addiction had more anxiety and obsessive-compulsion than did those with drug addiction.
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    @thejohnhoffer to be fair, these statistics can't separate causes from effects, but what else do people need to take this stuff seriously?
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    @thejohnhoffer I have no doubt that aspects of the internet and social media are addictive. Anything that triggers the reward systems in our body's can be addictive. Studies do suggest however that substances in and of themselves aren't technically addictive without recognising that it is the individual that often has addictive personality traits. Not everyone who goes on social media gets addicted to social media, a lot of that comes down to the person. Either way though, I still reserve the right to rant about it. It's a worrying trend and one I think illustrates the lack of social orientation a lot of people seem to have these days and if I feel like I want to make a statement about that, I will.
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    @thejohnhoffer your statement that I should take it as seriously as alcoholism and that what I said wouldn't help them is probably more dangerous. You basically said oh leave them alone they have an addiction. ignorance is always the best way to deal with a problem. As soon as people get a label for their negative behaviours it almost gives them an excuse for those behaviours. Then it's "oh it's just my addiction". To help people, there needs to be a balance of conciquence and reward. You can't overcome something without knowing that it is undesirable and about where to look for the causes and for them to recognise that not everyone else gets that addiction doing the same activity. Praise people on their progress yes, but they need to be made aware of their downfalls too, if it was coming from a friend's perspective, a true friend would be that guy that is honest with you and says there's a problem that we need to sort, not the one that just dismisses it cause of his "addiction".
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    @ALivingMemory an addiction is a problem that we need to sort out.
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    Meanwhile still wondering how to uninstall a Facebook account 😛
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    Deleted facebook, twitter account.
    Me: This is so much productive.
    Until I sign up devRant...
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