Manager: *taps dev on shoulder* We need to do B

Dev: I know, you created a ticket for it yesterday

Manager: Yeah but it hasn’t been done yet. It needs to get done.

Dev: I’m currently working on A which is higher priority

Manager: Ok but B needs to be done too

Dev: I know, it’s next on my board

Manager: I’m just making sure you are aware of it

Dev: I am aware of it, it’s next on the board

Manager: Ok but make sure you do it after A

Dev: Yup it’s next up

Manager: Ok, don’t let anyone distract you

Dev: …

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    Must have just been on a management training course.

    They try to teach you all kind of useless stuff there !

    I was always having arguments..

    We was always getting new training managers for some reason. :-)
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    "Dev Log - Monday

    9:00: focusing on A
    9:10 talking with manager about B
    9:20 struggling to regain focus on A"
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    @jiraTicket 11:49 got focus in task A
    Shit, it's 12:00, time for lunch
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    @Nanos "That training will be 700$ for 4 hours where you will only hear vague bullshit about things that are common sense. You need to pay in advance."
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    It's worse than that, they teach managers all the wrong things !
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    I think this manager must be on recursive mode or something lol
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    Manager: Don't forget to complete this 4 hour sexual harresmet/company security course/employee survey
    Oh also there are merges and some sonar issues ..
    Hey wait... There is a customer demo at 19:00 I want you to join incase there are technical questions.
    And we need you feature to be ready tomorrow morning testing included.
    Dev : 😵
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    Ah, another company completely unaware of why Scrum exists.
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