Making Variables

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    Dem java devs always hit that left button like it's a punching bag.
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    Left button ALWAYS
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    I'll never understand why someone would choose short over descriptive. You don't have an IDE that has auto complete in 2017?
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    Why not a short name (which if find more readable) that is descriptive enough ? :)
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    $cls VS
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    Declare variables to random letters. That's how real men code!
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    @darksideplease well you only write once, but read and debug and modify all the time so it's worth it to find your way after few months in a huge project.
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    Easy, descriptive, the compiler can make them short for production.
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    @sSam shorter lines, that's why
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    For var i in x 😂
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    Tbh when you can't name your variable with two adjectives and a noun then chances are the containing routine needs refactoring.

    Names like transactionalConnectionPoolConfigurationViewHelper is a no no!
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    I use vim without auto-complete, always short, luckily nobody else but me uses the code 😮
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    @sSam what about in functional programming where the variable name means less because you're thinking about taking a type that could apply to any variable of that type?
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    Do both. Make descriptive, then shorten it. Then add explanation to documentation or in comments.
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    @sylar *blinks*... SHIT! what the fuck... did I write this code?... *blinks* dang it where was I? Hmmm... *blinks* OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!
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    descriptive always
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    Two variables? In tandem? Genious!
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    @aviv ever heard of SPR? your button does too many things
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