LinkedIn feels like:
- be bombarded with recruiters messaging you
- people you don't know bragging about joining a company
- more people you don't know sharing useless advice for tons of corporate crap

Is just me or anyone feels the same?

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    Mostly the same, though I did get my current job through a linked in recruiter.

    But you really need to ask questions and ignore any that do not want to answer.
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    I got my job through LinkedIn. It’s great for a master list of accomplishments and experience and is very visible to HR systems and recruiters. I just wish more companies would default to LinkedIn and not force me to copy/paste my résumé into their garbage recruiting systems. Just look at my LinkedIn and done.
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    all I see is "look at my awesome certificate for <insert todays task>"

    Or shitty blocks of code for Python that's made out like it's a massive task to write 10 lines of code ๐Ÿ˜‘
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    It's where I got most of my jobs and found some interesting companies but the feed is shit indeed.
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    Cost of opportunity?

    I'm not on Linkedin yet but I might need to sign up soon to get opportunities. But maintaining the profile is such a pain I'm hoping I don't have to.
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    @C0D4 but those shitty blocks work. They are approachable to anyone who works in the industry and earns you points with at least HR.
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    Linky hijacked the contacts of somebody I hooked up with and sent me an email making it look like a personal email from him. Farcicality fuckup. He wasn't even that interesting and I thought too stuck up. It was just dumb. It seems to be 99% hype and 1% more hype.
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    As to the “certificates”, yeah, we know they’re meaningless. But a few years ago I went on a training binge to update my skills and decided to add the certs for giggles. Immediately I started getting job offers from everywhere. If I had been looking for a job that would’ve been great. So if you do find yourself unemployed, rip through a bunch of LinkedIn Learning tuts and add them to your certs. You’ll get lots of leads.
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    LinkedIn is like a sewer, sometimes it's necessary but it's entirely full of shit and it's not generally good for your health to spend long there.
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    LinkedIn feels like a bunch of idiots wanking off over how they're so inspirational and smashing through glass ceilings.

    Sarah I do not give a fuck that you went from receptionist to manager over ten years. Alex go fuck yourself with your bullshit post about how successful you are. And then there's the people that post stuff about family... Wtf
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    @Crost I never post anything and almost never read anything either, but I have listed my competences and I got quite a lot of contacts, both help make you more visible.

    I do not spend much time maintaining my profile.

    Maybe an hour in the beginning to fill out everything I found relevant and then some updates once or twice a year and some responses to offers that even if not interesting, where the recruiter seems among the less nasty.

    Even saying no you show that you are active and they will send you more offers and one might just be of interest.

    But as said, you will get lots of bad offers so
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    It's just a cirkle-jerk for middle managers.
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    @bols59 I had LinkedIn ask me if I wanted to "give <random ex> an endorsement". There were one or two things I could endorse her for, but I don't think any would be appropriate on LinkedIn!
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    @ChristoPy, I updated my status on LinkedIn the moment I left my previous company and in less than three days a friend had seen it and fast-tracked me into my next job.
    Sooooo, LinkedIn could be considered like old-school Facebook, where the only thing people really looked for was your relationship status. And all the noisy garbage, of course.
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