So, incase anyone was thinking of trying it, windows 11 is a bit of a mess. Not as bad as 8 tho.

I use multiple audio outputs, switching between them is now a couple of extra menus deep, my wallpaper stopped working, if you've got virtualbox and wsl2 you have to uninstall or disable one of them (currently). The task bar is now fixed on the bottom, not movable. I got annoyed by that and reverted.

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    The rollback was fairly quick tho.
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    Did you read the announcements on MSDN?

    Or did you just luck shot?

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    @IntrusionCM so uhhhh.... These announcements on MSDN... What did they say?
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    @atheist https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/...

    In short, if you read all the articles, you would have known before hand. XD

    They pretty much trimmed down the customization to bare minimum, but increased the ergonomics feature wise, e.g. window management / snaps, mti monitor / docking handling etc.

    I don't want to tease, was just curious to know if you just installed "on a whim" or did any kind of research. :)
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    @IntrusionCM so uhhhh... I was like "how bad can it be, surely they learnt from the flaming garbage pile that was windows 8!"
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    I basically upgraded because its annoyed me for ages that you can't reorder desktops on 10 and that had apparently been fixed.
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    @atheist replace Monday with win MS....

    For someone who likes design and a pre determined workflow without customization: Great. Everyone else will be rather pissed I guess.
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    You guys never learn...
    Never install a new windows when it releases.
    Wait for the bug fixes
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    I hate that duplicating screens now means it thinks it can run 4k on external monitor while using 1080p for internal, with no way to change it (in this case the external monitor capped out because 4k wasn't supported )

    I hate that it sometimes does not wake up from sleep or hibernation. Green screen on insider build, black screen on production.

    Other than that I don't have anything to rant about. Which is pretty good for a new release 👍
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