LinkedIn 🤮

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    Hi Cyanide, I noticed your profile and I have a range of exciting opportunities requiring skills that have nothing to do with yours, in a city far away, on site 6 days a week and paying competitive salaries (between 50-75 USD a month according to experience). When would you be available for an interview?
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    @ostream then they ghost you after answering.
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    Are there any other options? Dice.com is a cesspool of shitty recruiters now.
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    Make linkedout then
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    I ranted about this berk on LinkedIn not long ago but always happy to vent about it, and him. Saw this today and who the fuck would do this? Bomb disposal expert required, no experience necessary but must REALLY hate explosions. Hostage negotiator required, don’t worry if you’ve never had anyone’s life in your hands before, we’re just looking for a charmer!
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    It was an alright place before it was infiltrated by recruiters, meme culture and so called influencers. Now it's just another fake social network with the added benefit of real spam.
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