"Hey can you add (feature) on this backend"

> Looks at backend

> api.py

> 4K+ Lines

uhhh... is it me or our entire production is held by this single Python backend....?

This thing is running our hypervisor platform... Our IaaS platform... and it's one file....


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    Sweet jesus and I thought our 600+ typescript files were bad, sounds like you need some (professional and mental) help
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    Imagine merging something in that mess.
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    @TheSilent You don't need to imagine, it just happened yesterday

    It was a fucking nightmare
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    @caramelCase Oh my word I don't envy you at all :|
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    @epse Kill me now. People and their excessive typing and structuring of files in TS.

    It is like people forgot to use the best parts of JS development when they started using TS and started trying to rebuild dotnet core with TS.
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    Corporate Code Golf?

    "implement all of company's core functionality in one file"
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    4K lines of code?

    You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers!
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    I'm kinda impressed that the lexer have even parsed something this big. How long did it took to even freaking LOAD on an IDE????
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