I shit you not. This this a job qualifications qualifications entry level on LinkedIn.

7+ years working as part of a development team and with the following technologies:
Node.js Typescript and Java-based, microservice-driven applications using Spring Boot or similar framework
RESTful API design / microservice architectures
MongoDB or any other NoSQL DB
Message queues e.g. RabbitMQ, Kafka etc.
Modern MV*(MVC, MVVM, etc..) frameworks e.g. React, Angular, Vue etc.
JavaScript and design patterns, CSS and HTML
Modern CSS and view libraries e.g. RxJS, Angular Material, Typescript, JS ES6 etc.
Unit and UI testing using third party tools e.g. Jest, Cucumber, Groovy & Spock, etc.
Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field

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    Run-of-the-mill dec job posting
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    We need a slave who works for less than minimal loan, best no loan, in all IT fields we can think of and be responsible for all the fuckups we make.
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    @Blernnn, the entry level is probably a fuckup which ever system the recruiter is using to post to LinkedIn.
    If it says 7 years, it's not by any means an entry level role.

    @IntrusionCM did someone say my name?
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    I hate job postings that says:
    Must know angular react or vue. Damn it just tell what exact tech stack are you using. Are you using Angular in the stack and you need a slave to fill it up then just say we need Angular. Not the Angular, React or Vue. Stupid job postings!
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    Probably a recruiter fishing for over-enthusiastic devs matching at least one of the keywords.
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    Only people that work in the dev team should be involved in the process of deciding the qualifications and the interviewing process.
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