Why I love devRant:
You'll never receive bad or degrading comments.

If I post a picture of my hairy ass here, the comments would be like:
"There are good sides of having excessive hair."

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    I would prefer you would not test that theory
  • 32
    Some theories are better left unproven... 🙈
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    Unless your code has bad indentation, then *you got a problem*.
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    @franciscoknebel I like to do one line 3 spaces and the next line 4 spaces. It gives your code a joyfull flow.
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    @aronmik I enjoy doing something similar, but interchanging some lines with tabs and others with spaces
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    Nope that's not the response. People will say it is a repost from Reddit/9gag/Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook
    And the downvotes start to rain
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    The best part of having a hairy ass is by far all of the dingleberries 😺
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    I post negative comments on Windows rants, so be prepared for that. But I will also kiss your feet if you post a good *nix rant so it's a two way street. One way if you're a Windows user :)
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    Please don't post it though.
  • 1
    Show uss your hairy ass boy
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    @franciscoknebel just to make it a full trio, I also mix the white space around my syntax, like one line with spaces around equals signs and the next without.

    It makes me feel like I'm cooking, almost as if I'm sprinkling the ingredient of spaces and tabs wherever I like, the perfect finishing touch.
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    Here's mine!

    Yea.. I duno, I was bored....
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    @allanx2000 holy crap
  • 2
    @kvsjxd Well here's the actual code, you tell me. I think it's actually quite logical.


    Don't think I could code like that if I were actually high :)
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    No, then we would insult the shit out of you. That being said, you are a dev, if you are not insulting and being insulted your fellow devs regularly, you are in the wrong company.
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