Because setting same width is hell lot of difficult! FFS!

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    😧this just sings per element styling.
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    @kiki our CSS guy would love this post.

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    I'll have nightmares about this tonight. 😐
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    This is what happens when you set everything in pixels.
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    Is the next one even smaller again? Nesting nightmare?
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    @kiki love you Kiki sustenance and happiness to all the people who deserve it in the world :)
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    And yeah I think I have
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    Our dear @AvatarOfKaine is having a stroke
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    @kiki was it something i said ? *wink*
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    It look like something I could do.
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    i hate people who get off on kids crying.
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    its supposed to fill you with alarm or annoyance over there being a source of alarm which is primal relating to the sound of distress of one of our offspring, not some weird fucking sick glee like the guy who's photograph has been circulated through the ranks that better stay the fuck away from the copy of the kid that is here.
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    the guy still looks pretty, he'd probably enjoy meeting jose or bubba.
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    Am I the only one who will lose their shit much faster and intensely about stuff like this than a big 'ole 500 error page?
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    New idea for a browser extension:
    Randomly adjusting paddings and margins of randomly selected elements.
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    @C0D4 You may be right, but IMO it looks almost more like someone using Bootstrap's grid system and wrapping one element in an extra column.
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    @Oktokolo I like that idea but people have already invented CSS and it does this and even more random fun.
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