Job ad: Must have large amount of experience working in a completely unstructured environment, be hyper innovative and be willing to work HARD and have a PRODUCT MINDSET!

Translation: Management doesn’t know what they want and even if they did they are completely incompetent at communicating what that is. You will be accountable for reading their minds and coming up with something that makes them look good. This task is impossible so you are expected to sacrifice every spare second of your life in vain pretending it is possible. If you do somehow achieve it you will not be given any credit due to your “product mindset”.

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    I love it when people apply "product mindset" to achievements. A product mindset refers to tasks, whoever decides, executes and documents them is still responsible for them. A product mindset doesn't ignore people, it just prevents their interests and individual qualities to misdirect progress by emphasizing redundancy and standardization.

    Consider a delivery company.
    Assigning every case to an agent and giving their number to the customer isn't product oriented because if the agent is gone their cases get stuck.
    But assigning every call to a random agent isn't product oriented either, it's just stupid because the same customer is likely to call multiple times and an agent who's familiar with them is more likely to make progress.
    The product oriented approach would be to connect the customer to the same agent unless they're absent, and mandating angents to keep notes on their customers.
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    good post
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    That's exactly what is happening with me. My manager is capable of effective communicating but due to less experience and small team size, I really have to spend every second of my life in completing my tasks
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