Manager: Feature C doesn’t work

Dev: We never built feature C

Manager: Nonsense, I remember feature C clearly!

Dev: It’s still in the backlog

Manager: But we had many meetings about it

Dev: Never got put on the board

Manager: Feature C is very important!

Dev: It was never assigned to anyone

Manager: What could possibly be more important than Feature C?

Dev: All the other features you placed on the board and assigned up until now

Manager: Well I need Feature C done asap! It should be top priority!

Dev: Ok then next sprint add feature C to the board and assign it to someone

*Next planning session manager leaves feature C in backlog in favour of other tickets*

*2 days later*

Manager: What is the status of feature C?

Dev: You opted to leave it in the backlog


Dev: …

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    start to convince him that it is his feature, amd that he agreed to code it by himself.
    next time he asks, tell him "did you start coding it?"
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    Some managers make it so you feel that somebody has your back and that they will help you organize the work so that you can focus on what you do the best, that is coding. Others tho...
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    After a couple of weeks, lean into it:
    "you coded half of feature C! nice going!", "when are done coding and go into qa?", "I remember seeing you working on the code two days ago!" "is everything ok? stress levels still high? you said coding helps you de-stress!"

    try and get others to help you, and try and get people to mention it to him, using the office idiots, as a buffer.
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    @magicMirror Lol fight gaslighting with gaslighting
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    Dementia has become a real problem in management - must be one of that looong-Covid things...
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    What that means is that the manager wants you to work for free on that feature without taking any ownership. If he/she pulls one feature so you can work feature C, then that’s on the manager. If you do all assigned features for the sprint AND do feature C over the weekend without any paperwork then manager is hero.
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    @boombodies your job sounds like a pain in the ass. Why are you still there?
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    @iSwimInTheC It’s gotten better recently, these are old stories. I am working on finding my next job though
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    @boombodies i'm starting to get stockolm syndrome vibes from you
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