Manager: In order to increase business resiliency we will be doing cross training this week.

Dev: What does that involve?

Manager: Everyone will do everyone else’s job for one day each. After this you will all be considered trained so that if anyone can easily fill in for anyone else.

Dev: …

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    That begs the question: does that include management's job?
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    Manager: Today you and I swap jobs!
    Dev: Cool! You're fired!
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    There Are No SuperHeros In AGILE!

    Fuck that.
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    Lets hope you don't work in a private hospital..
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    @magicMirror I hate when “agile” is used to flatten talents
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    If we burn down the building ... accidentially.... we might get insurance money, that would be easier?
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    it's really fascinating that whenever i see people complaining of managers in this app it's a knowledge management problem
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    Lol that would absolutely shut down all work for one day in our team 😅
    Backend guy on Android: Uhm… sure why not?
    iOS guy on web: Hell yeah, let’s do this!
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