So this guy is supposed to do the frontend.
I do the backend.
I offer an endpoint.
He does his HTML+CSS magic.
Me: Cool but data is hardcoded. Could you get the data from the endpoint I sent you?
Him: "I'd prefer you do that, I can make a git repo so you download the front."

... So you don't do frontend, you just write pretty layouts. And I have to actually write the frontend logic? Go f yourself.

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    Sounds like a graphic designer that was forced into web dev.
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    @sariel He came alone and accepted. That's the worst part. He sold himself as a front end developer and is just a CSS coder or something.
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    Wait, is this a uni project or work?

    If it's a uni group project, the main thing you'll learn is how much you hate people.
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    @atheist For work. I already am used to work alone on uni projects.
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    @atheist in uni you wouldn't get nearly that much help from the group
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    say it's not your responsibility, that it's front end 🤷
    if anyone asks, he'll be the one getting scolded anyway
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    @darksideofyay That'd be the thing to do if anyone knew how web development works around here... but it's just me and him, and the deadline is next Wednesday.
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    @c3r38r170 be clear to anyone that he's not doing his part, and that he's trying to force your hand so you'll have to do his work for him
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    @sariel actually relatable on my current position. Me-the graphic designer trying to learn VUE so that the team can use my skillset instead of vuetify.. hard curve but getting there.. I guess 🤔
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    He's a front-to-front according to some stupid jargon
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    The the other dev is not a Frontend. Just a designer.
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    I think this happens when you come from non-API based concepts. like wordpress where frontend devs write static templates and another guy makes them dynamic. same for the django (without rest endpoints).
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    Had a similar thing with a co-worker. He did a Webservice that's works with a client program of mine. I used an API to get a certain job done that returns a json (which should be fine for a Webservice to accept) so I asked him if this was okay. But his Webservice expected a stream so he said (fix your code because I won't change mine)
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