First rant.

Managing an app in Canada, came back home to Thailand to visit my parents.

No deployments while you're gone, just bug fixes, boss said.

Landed at 3am, "hey I know we only support desktop but we got new customers only on iPad, make it responsive in a day and deploy." Wtf.

Haven't even seen my parents. In Starbucks.

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    That's an idiot of a boss and welcome
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    it's a vacation for godssake! that's so disrespectful from your boss. Either say no or let him pay good. fucking slavery.
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    I hope you are going to tell him to fuck off.

    If you do it, you are a fool. Expect the abuse to continue. The only way to stop it is to stand up for yourself. He doesn't own you.
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    Go see mummy and daddy. It's not like making a site responsive is technically challenging and must be done now. Do dat shit after you've paid tribute to those that birthed you.
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    Repeat after me: “This is no bug but a feature request.”

    Also: do you get paid for being on demand during your vacation?
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    @heyheni yeah told him I'll do it Monday. Dude still asked to get it done asap, so he's gonna pay me double. Yeah f this
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    @helloworld true. Been his bitch for too long. I'm the lead so every fucking things fall on me. Gonna get it done later today for double the pay.
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    @kunashe amen bro. Just told him I'll do it tomorrow only if paid double. With my parents rn. Thanks man
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    @k0pernikus "this is no big but a feature request", and I know! Yeah I'm still getting paid, but it's the weekend and first day for God's sake!
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    There are somethings that money don't pay. One thing is the already limited time you have with the people you love, especially your parents.

    You should started saying that you're not with your parents for x time, so there's nothing work related that will mess with your life especially on this week. Define a line straight forward between WORK and LIFE. It still your boss continues to bitch you, just resign. Your LIFE and your joy and what makes you happy is far more important than any job.
    Do you really believe if your boss business is running out of money, he will cover your back? Fuck no.

    Now close that laptop and go kiss your mother. I wish i could do it too
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    It sounds like you are "on call"...do you have to be? Turn off communication to your boss and enjoy your family time - family comes first 😃
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    @searchindex well said man. It's my first gig so I am still learning to prioritize, but you telling me straight definitely helps. Haven't worked in a day, and going strong. Thanks!
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    @akd5010 unfortunately, yes. I'm the main dev and I told him I'l help with urgent things. But it's the weekend and this is a new feature. We are desperate for new clients but it's just too much
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    @Letmecode I am still getting paid to work full time and I just need to be on call. Also I'm the lead and basically the only dev here. But you are right I just just say no.
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    It must be tough. But maybe tomorrow you'll be free ৵( °͜ °৵)
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