Out of all the bugs, the most annoying are the ones that come out and make me say "WTF?!?!? WHY THE FUCK HAS IT BEEN WORKING FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS??!!?!!??? THERE"S NO WAY IT COULD HAVE!"

When the bug surfaces, you investigate and see that it indeed IS a bug and there's no way it would ever work w/o a fix. But then SOMEHOW it's been working just fine for years....

It's like server elves went on strike and said "no more, it's enough covering that bug - it's time you fix it, lazy-ass idiot!"

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    Happened a lot on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Monkey patch after monkey patch methodology!
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    Nuff said
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    i've had a great time missreading "bugs" for "drugs 😄
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    cache. it's always the cache
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    Did a library or platform change? Something get removed from an interface?
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    @Demolishun neither. There's a non-null constraint on a column. And I forgot to set the value. That part of code has been running fine for years. DB restarts several times a week. No major db changes [apart from ebabled query logging AFTER I started getting sql exc]...
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    The conclusion I usually come to in that case is that nobody has been using the feature and therefore nobody has noticed. Either that or they (users) noticed but didn’t care
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    @black-kite Makes sense.

    Except that the failing feature is... login :)
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    @netikras ha ha ok. Maybe an environment related bug?
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    Recently bumped into code that took a map, destructured into keys and values sets and put them in a database as 2 lists. Luckily the map was a linked hashmap so the sets order were preserved, but otherwise it would result in pretty horrific bug 🤷‍♂️
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