Story of WTF happened to my job

During my employment in (name censored) was stressful, They claimed I didn't complete my task on time which they constantly remove me from git and documentation(which have to follow their style of returning data), I kept emailing, slack, WhatsApp calls them, mostly and predictably got ghosted and blocked.

So How the fuck am I supposed to push my code or code without the documentation (I can actually, prevent refactoring every time, following the documentation is the good way to go.)

On the sprint review, they will complain about me not committing and pushing the code. (I did commit locally, but can't push, they removed me from the fucking repo) and not done.

Tried reasoning, telling the obvious reasons with them, doesn't work. They come out the second reason of me "NOT COMMUNICATING". Sometimes I can get to git merge from dev to my branch and get tonnes of fucked up code. I reviewed the code, and I can't tolerate it.

Lately, I overheard them mocking and cheering me about to get fired over a zoom meeting (I was in there, they forgot to remove me). Their conversation is about me being a coloniser, a jerk, betraying Chinese ancestors for being not Chinese enough.

I was like: "Why the fuck does their conversation sound like they are tucked in the Qin dynasty?"

Frequently I got labelled as unprofessional.

How is cussing about my ancestors, personal and life a professional behaviour?

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    You worked with racist assholes? I have never met anyone who actually acted this way (at least to my face). Is ancestor worship a thing there? Sounds like a fucked up work culture. Is the whole country that way?
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    @Demolishun it is very common here , it is like a tradition.
    "If you are not extreme they consider you betraying"
    Sound hooligan but it is a tradition here. But not all, a decent company is difficult to find here.
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    Sounds like it's time to move maybe?

    God awful work culture. But you make it sound like it's a common thing there 😔
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    @jkommeren actually I got laid off few days ago

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    @johnmelodyme I'd love to follow this company and see what happens to them.

    Given their culture, they are axing themselves.
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    (first and some comments are about racist, I will talk without it, because it is already said lol)

    Dude, how the fuck did you work there?
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    @ahhh I got in because I applied the job online because of its good reviews , later I learnt that they enforced the rules to rate the company positive.
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    @johnmelodyme dude, if they are the bad, you might as well be bad, make a fake account if you can, shove the review with some bad things different bud same level of what happened to you.

    Better, try to pick a fight with them, er, not exactly a fight but something like racism? and then leave the company midway, saying that "act of racism" made you ashamed or something mental (don't mention something big, because 1. new employer will consider you as fragile mentally, 2. new employer will consider you as unable to work.)

    LOL only follow this if you think this good 99% and always review the other options.

    Or do it the best you could and argue to the face about the git problems and stuff.
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    Evidence 1
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    @johnmelodyme don't forget to get these as the best authentication as possible.

    remember kids:

    could be: "images = alleged images"
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    @johnmelodyme more things?
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    When they call you unprofessional is usually a good way to say: “we don’t like you and you should feel bad about it.”

    Had people rage at me calling me unprofessional cause after the fifth time I got a bit annoyed.
    Or because I screamed at them. For requesting to work unpaid hours at 10pm (that’s professional, right? The contract is not there for both of us, just for the employer, right?)
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    *after the first time of requesting specs for a feature which were not given
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