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    You jest, but this is a great follow-up question.
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    @sariel totally agree
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    Ooh, now I wanna ask this xD
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    @vintprox please do It!! And then come and tell us what happened! 😂😂
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    @sariel It legitimately is!

    One of the best mistakes they can do. "Ok, so we currently have 5 positions available for <bla bla bla> roles because the developers left" <----At that point I know I am in control and I love it.
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    @AleCx04 unless they left because of a megalomaniacal manager.
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    @sariel still puts you in the position to get that sweet sweet drama info and toss them away. As long as they don't make the candidate feel that "you should feel so lucky" then I call it a win.
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    next time I will try this too :P
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    A few times I’ve asked why I should choose x company if I get another offer at the same time.
    It was good to watch them squirm
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    Are you saying there is a multiverse?
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    =) 100% agree
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