I hate apples. I buy them at the grocery store. They taste bland, they don't have any smell and by eating them I don't get any positive emotions.

Well, at least this is the conclusion in my head every autumn after a year of eating store bought apples.

Then the end of autumn comes/winter begins and I visit my grandparents, who live in a village. I get a bag of apples (15-20 kgs) and this bag smells wonderful. Heck, the car smells wonderful for a few days after transporting the bag back home.

My grandparents give around 7-8 varieties of apple, mixed. Each and every one of them tastes amazing, even if I have to cut some spots out from a few. They don't always look perfect, but I think these are the noble ones and the store bought would be the peasants.

I know, it's kind of obvious, that the homegrown fruits are better, but it still amazes my tastebuds every year, plus I'm really grateful for having my grandparents.

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    Our entire food supply is poisoned for the plebes.
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    you don't hate apples.

    you hate store-bought apples.
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    Wholesome ❤️
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    @Midnight-shcode yes. I just needed a clickbait-y start :D
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    Also, you get +5 strength from a home grown apple but only +1 strength from one from the grocery store.
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    @Lensflare that's like +15 strength, because I eat at least 3 apples when it's homegrown and only 1 when it is from the store
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    My grandparents have many apple trees too. I am still amazed how my I want to drink water after eating few of them. Because they are so sweet and tasty. Store apples taste like plastic compared to homegrown apples.
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    @Lasoloz my father used to talk for years about how awesome tomatoes used to be in "back in the days", and how the ones in stores today are just water with no taste.

    then he moved to the countryside, and this year, he grew his own tomatoes, and he was so happy, because "hell yes, i missed this for decades, this is what tomatoes are supposed to taste like!"
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