Mac or Windows laptop?

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    If you're asking for an advice what to get, it depends on what YOU prefer.

    If you're asking what everyone prefers, you'll hear a thousand different opinions.
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    Why limit yourself to those options? Buy a banana instead.
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    @electrineer 🤣 class!
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    Apple sucks. PC sucks. Android sucks. Build yourself a rudimentary lathe.
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    Your mom
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    Choose one, where you can type the best on. For me that’s Lenovo.

    Choose the os, for what you want to do. For me that’s Linux.
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    @yehaaw aye, your ma!!! Lol
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    An msi it is then 🤪
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    Neither. Leapfrog 😎
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    @wackOverflow brilliant 🤣
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    Big fan of the AMD Advantage laptops. No more Nvidia nonsense.
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    Definitely a Gentoo GNU Linux with OpenRC as init system and XFCE as desktop environment.
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    @electrineer this makes me want to start a new Linux distro called "Ape" and the logo would be a banana.
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    Buy a PDP-11 instead. Very portable.
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    Windows laptop. Then install Fedora.
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    I would always get a windows laptop, because I hate everything about apple computer design choices, not to mention I can get rid of windows and put in linux and get best of both worlds. Good control over both hw and sw
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    @jasongodev I used to be on the fedora bandwagon, then IBM happened.

    Fuck IBM.
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    The biggest factors here are budget and the application of the device. What are you going to use it for?

    People here will shit on OSX and be like hurrdurr Linux is better/freer/whateverer but don't mention how "beta" most software on it is and having to "recompile the kernel" to fix certain issues is more reality than a meme.
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    MacOS(OSX hasn't been in the name of the OS in years) has a brilliant UI, and a powerful, functional command line. For someone without computer knowledge or aptitude, I recommend it fully and without reservation.

    But this is a community of tech minded people, many of whom(myself included) have decades of experience in the industries that test, build on, and expand the knowledge of many technologies, including Linux.

    To assert that Linux's software might surprise a user by being a little rough around the edges is foolish here. The OP may or may not know about Linux, and I would guess probably not since the question was Mac or Windows, but it's ignorant to assume that people on devrant don't know what they're getting into, with Linux.
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    I preferred macOS for coding, otherwise go for windows.
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    Depends on you.
    If you want to pay first and then let the laptop shit on you ( Apple ) or get shitted on yourself first and then pay for it ( Windows )
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    Something I don't think anyone asked...
    What for?
    Personal or professional?
    What will you run on it?
    Games? Windows.
    Anything else linux.
    Don't want to learn Linux? Windows.
    If your rich and don't know much about computers, Mac.
    Since your here I expect you to be at least user proficient, so windows /Linux.
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    @GyroGearloose it will be for personal and professional use. Im a web and mobile dev. Use java. React native and so on.
    Was lucky enough last year to be able to get my Masters degree MSc in software development too.

    I'm going for a pc though.
    I did consider a mac cause thats what I used years a go for film editing and newtek lightwave work.
    Also want to have a decent enough graphics card for the Oculus quest to run some games bought through steam.
    I've my eye on an MSI laptop, want to have the freedom to be mobile.
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    Ohhhh you said a very important point there...
    Mobile dev? For android or Apple?
    For Apple you need a iPad or iPhone to test.
    Android, go for windows (and I highly recommend you to check mit app inventor, it's limited but for small projects you can make an app up to 20x faster).
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    @GyroGearloose thanks for the reply. I'll just stick with react native. Lol
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    windows, but if it's just for work I'd put a nice linux distro on it
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    I don't think people really do. Sure, if you want to fuck around with it as a hobby, go ahead - shit, you might actually learn something and it might even be "fun" for a while.

    But my baseline is the following: time is valuable and having to mess around with your OS instead of getting work done is probably not what the average "tech minded" person is really looking for.
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