My level of frustration with Microsoft is growing to a point that I'm unable to contain it.

They buy Github, it was a great tool for developers because is FUCKING WORKED! New features were never beta tested on users unless they requested it.

Why in the absolute fuck am I getting all these new experimental bullshit features that literally make it harder for me to do my god damned job?

They provide me NOTHING but grief and sleepless weekends while I fix the god damned pipeline that's worked perfectly fine for YEARS.

Your business model is bad and your products are SHIT.

Fuck you Microsoft, I cannot even stress it enough. If I had a time machine that could go back 5 years and my options were: Tell the world about Covid, make sure Trump never became president, or stop the Github purchse. I would hunt down and brutally attack the team of executives that decided to buy Microsoft.

Words cannot adequately describe how much I want Microsoft to fuck off. If the company was a person and they died in a house fire it wouldn't be enough.

I just want a VCS that does what it's supposed to do. I don't need pipelines, I don't need image repos, I don't need static code analysis.


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    I can recommend gitea. It needs only the binary and the configfile and you are ready to start.
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    There is always sourcehut. No bullshit added.
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    @stop will try that, gonna put it on my server
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    @stop @HitWRight unfortunately this is for work and they won't change to anything else.
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    @sariel gitlab CI can be in theory attached in watching repo mod to GitHub repos
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    Personally found it a blessing when they added their "Actions". Sure they look weird, but they have huge advantages:

    - Have them compile everything for you (hugely helpful when testing someone else's PR)
    - Have them do various style / syntax checks. So you don't need to complain in a PR, the CI does it for you.

    For university projects I also usually use GitLab CI to just compile each push, so other members are discouraged from pushing partial updates that don't compile anymore.

    Sure I'm still sceptical of M$ still. But I don't think GitHub on their own could've basically given you free CI compute power + hosting the results in that amount for free.
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    git worked?
    i mean... yeah, i remember it was possible to force it to do what it's supposed to do, after hours of studying the mathematics of many worlds interpretation, and theory of travelling between parallel timelines, and arcane incantations...

    not sure if i would outright call that "it works"
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    Microsoft has started buying all the game companies. I’m sure it’s so they can litter the gaming industry with shitty bugs so nobody notices the bugs in halo
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    Gitlab is an option and imo it's better

    If I remember right, dependent issues are a native feature in the paid gitlab so no fucking around with 3rd party stuff and the CICD tooling is way better
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    @dontbeevil it's been four years since GitHub was bought.

    That's more than enough time for the dev teams to be indoctrinated into the MS culture and forced into slavery.

    GitHub devs ARE Microsoft devs.
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    @dontbeevil I don't think you know what it's like when your employer is bought by a large corporation like Microsoft.

    I doubt you even understand the cultural changes that take place over the first six months.

    I bet you cannot even fathom what it's like to watch your team, that you have been with for years, be broken up due to restructuring or turnover.

    After the first year, your team is dead. Your goals are meaningless. And those that actually stay become mindless code zombies that stay because they have been traumatized by shitty management and brainwashed into thinking that there's no place better to work because everywhere is the same.

    I don't blame the devs, I blame the management. I blame the executives. I blame YOU.

    Yes, you. You who is defending Microsoft. You who barely understands what has happened internally to GitHub.

    You're just another Nadella cuck. Go back to your master and do that thing with your tongue he showed you.
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    @stop hmmm single executable. It's it written in Go?
    Sounds interesting, do you also happen to know how it stores it's data?
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    @hjk101 the git data is stored in the filesystem and other data in an database, Per default sqlite3.
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    @dontbeevil go try to apply for a fucking job at GitHub.

    That part that asks if you have ever worked at Microsoft or any affiliates means you are applying for a job at Microsoft.

    GitHub is the product.

    Just because you box Frosted Flakes doesn't mean you work for "Frosted Flakes". You work for Kellogg's, dumbass.
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    1: the devs don’t make decisions
    2: I watched a doc on the bungie, Ensemble Studios, Microsoft take over and that shit was manager hell and I’m sure GitHub is probably close to the same.

    I reckon Microsoft has got lots of cross company managers and devs all over the place. They’ve probably got some Skype backend devs working on the front end. You know what these owners/CEOs/manager types are like. “You dev, you can code everything”
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