Our company is changing the default branch on our main repo from master to main.

We're literally on the verge of global genocide and a holocaust, and people are worried about over-sensitive people's feelings. I'm sure a branch change will end racism.

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    And WW3 maybe if you factor in the Russian and Ukraine issue
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    Remove the "the verge of".

    Also, Ukraine is the aggressor. They just nixed their constitution and went full totalitarianism, they are supporting criminal regimes through payoffs, and they have attempted to poison Russia's water supply.

    If Russia and Ukraine fight then say goodbye to Taiwan. China is just looking for a reason and USA looking weak is best reason they will ever get.

    Also note the media is supporting Ukraine. The media is the enemy of the people of the world.
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    If it makes a small percentage of people (me not included, I don't mind either) happy, why not?
    There may be higher priorities, but it's easier to rename a branch than to stop a genocide.
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    It's literally just a "feel-good" thing for people to feed their self-centred egos.
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    Not this again...
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    Just remember. Someone somewhere is concerned about the gender of a plastic potato
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