lol I keep getting in trouble over people taking secondhand-offense, and managers keep bringing up the same instances like I’m somehow at fault.

Look, if Alice says something to Bob, and Carol hears it and gets offended on Bob’s behalf, but Bob doesn’t? Carol should jump off a bridge.

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    Carol needs to stick her head back in the sand and stay out of people's business
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    Pic related.
    Though (no joke) it needs blue hair…
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    I’ve had people do this on my behalf as a brown man. One time someone did it and asked me to chime in with them and I responded in front of God and the entire Zoom call

    “Don’t ask me, you’re the one who chose to be offended, you’re gonna be the one to figure out why that is without my black ass doing the work for you”.
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    @ComputerToucher Good on you!

    Seriously, being offended on someone’s behalf does them a huge disservice, and is honestly kinda insulting.
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    @Root I mean it has valid purposes and valid circumstances where simply speaking up when you know someone is being wronged but lacks the institutional or localized power to have their grievances heard, and can benefit from “strength in numbers” or whatever.

    What’s frustrating though is offense taking without any attempt to earnestly tackle the offending behavior without trying to “summon” the person supposedly being offended against to make you look good by validating your vicarious offense taking (general you, not YOU you, @root. I’ve seen your rants, you’re good peoples lol)

    Like if you know what just happened was wrong, comment on it for the wrongness perceived because you actually think it’s wrong. Not because you’re out here trying to find the right moment to invoke your relationship with whatever community or affinity group. That ain’t what we’re here for.

    But that’s just my overly opinionated take.
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    Imho the behaviour is discriminating.

    When you act on someone's behalf without getting their consent, you simply refuse to acknowledge their dignity.

    Which is in my opinion the worst you can do to a human.
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    if (!dev)

    goto bash.org;
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    This is an advantage of working in an office of 98% indians. They're crude and don't care about crybaby Twitter issues like this. They come from a country of a couple billion douchebags, so they have thick skin.
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    @Root you have no idea how much i needed that picture in my life
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    I'm utterly offended!
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