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    Here are some data points. Describe some algorithms that can be used to categorise them?
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    Tell me about yourself.
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    Any questions?
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    "Why do you want to work for us?", if only "Because you'll fucking pay me" was an acceptable answer.
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    I've done my share of (technical portion) interviews. The HR or the manager would *always* pull this question out. I've often wondered what a neck of a question was. I asked the HR manager and he told me the usual blatant stuff about matching of corporation vision, objective sharing and bla bla. Well, bullshit, give him a goal and see if he can deal with it.
    Then I asked my manager.
    He simply answered me: "well, if he is interested in the company and in what we do here as a whole, maybe we won't train him for 9 month to see him flee away right after".
    Made sense to me.
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    The question the interviewer asks when your brain is frozen with fear
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    A friend of mine and me had interviews at the same company sequentially. They asked: "would you recommend us your friend?"
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    What are your weaknesses?
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    What salary are you looking for?
    Always the hardest.
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    Why shouldn't we hire you?
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    @Ashkin applied at a startup (15-20 people). I did not know what salary i should say. It was a back an forth. I waited until they told me what they usually pay.
    Finally got an offer: It was just a bit higher than every junior dev gets... I knew that startup pay badly, but this was way under my expectations...
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    @dprinz my current job is with a tiny indie game design studio. I love the work, but the pay is peanuts.

    (Actually, I can't even afford peanuts...)
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    @PenguinRage I hadn't, it wasn't, it was off the cuff statistical analysis that I hadn't done since A-level/high-school (7 years).
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