Wow, it seems a lot of people on here hate web dev.

It sounds like they dont know what they are doing 😊

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    The sad technical state of the average website shows that the average web dev is a completely incompetent moron - most can't even write valid HTML.
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    Web development is a messy business...
    No matter how good you are, there are always plenty of pitfalls, gotchas and good old compatibility problems.
    Considering that, I wouldn't say that devs don't know what they are doing but they have to improvise and overcome.
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    @PonySlaystation Don't forget inefficient management and unreasonable time frames
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    > It sounds like they dont know what they are doing 😊

    Does anyone, really?
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    At least I know that I won't be doing web dev.
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    I hate web dev. Mainly because of JavaScript.

    Actually, only because of JavaScript.
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    @dontreallycare Switch to TypeScript, it's still JS, but at least with a clean syntax.
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    There’s always been a bit of inherent “sloppiness” in web development. I started web development back in the days of Classic ASP. I remember putting a bit of JavaScript into the site and got an earful from the team. Of course today, if you don’t incorporate 10 of the latest hot JS libraries just to make a radio button work, you are uncool.
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    I'd rephrase that statement.

    I don't hate web development, but rather the ecosystem of JS crap attached to it.

    Typescript isn't pure JS, as it uses a transpiler.

    Most of the JS ecosystem or more precise the Node ecosystem is horrible.

    Web development with HTML and CSS is fun, CSS can be a bitch but at least a bitch with rules.

    But you can't evade the JS ecosystem anymore.

    Which really killed it for me.

    I could go on about the myriad of things that are based on JS and all their flaws, but I would really need to write sth at the length and density of Mr Tolkiens Silmarillion to fully capture it.
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    @Fast-Nop Came to say this, and also to add that as a senior web developer: the state of web development is a crazy landscape full of pitfalls and pain points.
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    Out of all of the platforms which I had developed for, web is by far the ugliest, dirtiest and most retarded one for developers. Everything about it is horrible. The JS (and all the JS based stuff and its ecosystem), the HTML and CSS which is abused in a perverted way to create complex app interfaces. The page/url based navigation. The limitations and differences of the browsers. Shit like cookies and SEO. Practically everything is a pain in the ass!
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