So.. There are about 4 jobs in my country that even mention golang, and only as an "advantage"

😟 Wow.. learning Go really isn't helping..

Why isn't it used widely as the main language of a dev team?? Too young? Or are there serious issues, that most companies prefer using c#/ruby/python for web dev backend?

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    Unless you love somewhere that has its finger on the pulse of tech, golang is still probably too new.
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    Do you think it's not used because it's too new for enough devs to learn it?
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    Probably because they don't have the money to retrain all their developers from C#/Ruby/Python to Go
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    Wow guys do you all go to the same barber? 😆
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    Same in my country... go is so much fun though :(
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    @vortex Many people say its the next big thing, and it is. Mostly its because of this no risk taking bs and legacy code. Google uses it in production, Twitch, many others. In dont understand either why most SMBs stick to stuff like node and php
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    @vortexman100 yes many ppl say so, i played with it and i liked it at first, but some stuff felt very raw to me.. like for example something like making request to an external api and getting json, I'd decode it and figure out the output without even documentation with php.
    With Go, i need to know the output 100% before hand and create a bunch of types to unmarshal it.. that can take an hour!

    Also in the hope of getting into the Go community and maybe see where it's used, i went to a go meetup.. there were about 20 ppl there, and the "lecturers" talked about new features that they haven't even tried themselves.. it felt very sad, like if i was to decide to use it in my company and I'll encounter issues, there won't be anyone experienced there to help. While i dislike Nodejs, it's javascript.. and pretty much every web dev can do decent job with it.

    Bottom line using Go (for serious company project) would feel like a biiiig risk to me.
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    @vortex You could use a map for this. mapname[string]interface{}. But yeah, its more verbose than other languages, and you have to like reading docs, but i love it. Go handles so much stuff out of the box, password salting for example, databases, etc... I come from the C family, so its a big step up for me. It probably is different if you come from the higher level language side.
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