eclipse is probably the worst IDE ive used so far

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    <captain-jack-eclipse>But you've used it.</captain-jack-eclipse>
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    The fact you used it, says it's better then the version I had.

    Just wait for the time bomb occurrence where it just won't load anymore and needs to be removed, Java needs to be removed, and your sanity needs to be shot for even attempting to think it's worth using eclipse.
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    Is it really worse than Arduino IDE?
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    @Demolishun yes.

    Eclipse is far too full of feature functionality to be considered functional.

    It's like that fat lady in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape".
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    It's okayish for java, but a straight piece of ship for C and C++.
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    RAD would like a word (yes, it's Eclipse under the covers, but it makes Eclipse look like a fucking masterpiece).
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    I used it for awhile but it has so many crappy features that it doesn't work. I also had to re-install i 3 times on my linux. I thought I wanted it because of git integration but I realised I much rather do git by command line

    Now I'm just using sublime and so far it seems really nice.
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    Probably Cincom VisualWorks for me.
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