It's funny how you start feeling bad for the next dev taking over your project because it turned into a total spaghetti code shit show that will be impossible to maintain in the future with new features coming in.

Honestly... if a projects starts out with a certain scope which then gets extended EVERY FUCKING WEEK with requirements that can't even be met in the initial timeframe it's no wonder the code quality will decrease over time.

This just reminds me daily how important good project management (and I'm not talking about suit wearing pain-in-the-ass-managers) and the inclusion of devs in the planning process really is.

It's so fucking crazy that companies run like that with people up front that have NO FUCKING CLUE what they are doing, nor do they understand the mechanics, tech and effort that go into certain features. They're like "beep, boop, it's done by Friday you fuck!".

The funniest part of this stupid charade is that the closer we get to a new "deadline" (we will not meet the deadline anyways) the more nervous the "managers" get. WHY didn't you properly plan this shit in the first place? WHY didn't you care for the last six months where all this fucking bullshit could still have been prevented?

Meanwhile I'm just so sick and tired of this shitty project and this sucky company that I just don't have any motivation left to keep on working. It's so fucking hard and painful to work on projects that suck ass, are poorly designed. I just got to the point where coding is no fun any more. Thank god I'm out of here soon... fml

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    It's common story everywhere. Managers who gave impossible deadline. Programmers who can't help but write shitty codes to meet the impossible deadline.
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    I'm currently in the role of "next dev" and have taken over probably one of the worst PHP legacy projects.
    What bothers me the most is that the original company, which "developped" this complete mess, didn't bother, during the 8+ years they were "maintaining" it, to inform the customer of a well needed refactoring or upgrade.
    Imagine a company where the CEO just sucks his customers dry over years by maintaining something that wasn't even maintainable since the start.
    We apparently paid 6 figures per year to these fucktards and the thing got so bad it should have been replaced 4 fucking years ago...
    What a complete asshole of a company.
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    @PonySlaystation that’s just crazy… give my company some more years and they will probably do the same
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    @PonySlaystation 8 years can be a pretty good span for a codebase. Value for money maybe. pains me to say it but even with slow development due to horrid legacy code it can still be cheaper than major overhauls. I've worked in projects which have spent a lot of time on code quality and future proofing maintenance only to see the entire code bare scrapped and replaced within 3 years ( due to changes in api, preferred language or similar) which I personally loved... but as we calculated the cost for those restarts it was significantly more than the one ancient legacy repo we have.

    but of course - if you compound the costs of all devs leaving agree forced to work in a legacy crap repo it changes.mm
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