How I Get A Job When I Have Not Sufficient Knowledge About Backend And The JavaScript Language. JavaScript Also Very Disturbing Language, I Love To Do Programing But Sometime I'm Frustrated About How Much It Takes Time To Learn Job Ready Programming

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    Build things, create a GitHub profile, and build more things.

    To be job ready, yes you need to learn a lot, to keep your job, you still need to learn a lot. If ever the day comes you stop learning, you aren't job ready any more.
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    Is this the title of your new book
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    right now most companies are hiring anyone with a pulse who can spell "programmer".
    Get a job, any job, as a dev. Tread new paths and see what tech stack fits you. Talk to people.
    "stepping stones"
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    Weird capitalization technique, but ok.

    Have you tried going to uni for it? Or bootcamp? Or some form of formal training? There's a reason they exist, you know!
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