Why do I prefer robots to humans, you ask? I'd love to tell you.

If I tell a robot that I want my room vacuumed, they wouldn't purposefully mess up the room instead. It understands a small set of instructions.

But if I tell a human, a friend for example, that I have abandonment issues, you best believe they will go ahead and abandon me exactly when I need them.

Or if I tell a human, a potential fwb for example, that I can't take emotional stuff, you best believe that they will do a 180 and become the most romantic person ever.

And that, is why I prefer robots. Now, one of you go ahead and make an intelligent robot that I could date. I'm literally done with people.

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    When i see people talk about how intelligent robots that is smarter than humans is going to take over the humans.

    The only thing i am sad about in those convestions is its too unrealistic and its sadly not going to happen in the forseen future.

    I would glady want a intelligent "life form" as smart or smarter than humans, but without emotions etc. So 100% logic based life forms.
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    Two days ago I connected my hard drive to my raspberry pi and watched a movie from it

    yesterday I did the same, and the HDD kept resetting and wouldn't connect for longer than seconds because the RPi couldn't spare enough power to power the drive

    Nothing else changed, no new USBs, no different adapter, nothing...

    so no... if you tell a robot to clean your room, it may clean it today and might refuse to do anything tomorrow.

    Sometimes soft/hard-ware is retarded too and it makes me angry and mad.

    also, not fair to compare "clean my room" to "I have abandonment issues" imo, Both human and robots can be reliable in the first case, but you have no chance with a robot in the second, while a human may at least try
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    Can't but remind of this
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    This is all down to the problem of capturing requirements unambiguously. Reminds me of Bedazzled. There’s *always* ambiguity.

    As for cleaning rooms…I fear the Poopapocalypse.
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    How about we compromise and gorilla glue a dildo to a jackhammer?
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    Humans suck.

    Come to me, we can marry and have an asexual relationship based on that principle and that principle alone.

    You'll only have to tolerate my obsession of food and that this obsession might lead to an increased calorie intake on your side.
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    @Hazarth oh yeah I do. A functioning robot almost always responds. There's no abandonment there.
    But just FYI, I'm making a distinction here between not wanting to be friends and abandoning. For the second, they disappear without a notice.
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    @theKarlisK my favorite!
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    @platypus with a human, even if you capture requirements perfectly, they're the same exact shit from one to the next. Exceptions apply, just very very very rarely.
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    @Wisecrack ... Seems like you're talking from experience 😬
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    @IntrusionCM I'd be down for that, but I'm 51% sure that I'm gonna end up falling for you, and that's gonna be a problem cuz... Yeah.

    The food is no issue tho. Is there a swimming pool nearby? I should be good for burning calories by swimming.
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    @NoMad Yes.

    And falling, well that wouldn't work.

    I'm incompatible with women. 🤣
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