Feature request:
Temporarily disable accounts.

We all have to apply for jobs at some point.

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    Why not just quit using the app got a few days? Simply delete the app for a while if you want to get off it. If they added a way to disable accounts, users would accidentally press it and disable their accounts. Please tell me if I misunderstood.
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    @tisButABug indeed, deleting works even better because otherwise you could still browse anonymously.
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    @tisButABug disable should always come with an confirmation button.

    And you want to disable it so your post won't show. For example you do not want to fail your solicitation because someone saw your bad practise (wk47) rant

    E: or did I misunderstood?
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    There is already a rather permanent option to delete your account. I'm meaning a more temporary option of disabling accounts and not deleting associated rants/comments/++ then account can be re-activated later. I know as I've been part of the recruitment process we've checked out people's Facebook and YouTube, if I was involved again I'd be tempted to try to find them on here.

    It's not about quitting the app, just making my profile harder to find due to the Rant nature of devRant.

    And for the comments saying people might accidentally press this button, the delete already exists, tucked away somewhere you're only likely to find if you actually want to press it.
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    I'll add it to the list, but will probably be a while before we get to it, lots of big new features lined up in the backlog. If there are any specific rants that you are worried about that could identify you and/or compromise your career, feel free to delete those, we don't want to have anyone getting in trouble because of their activities here.
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    @trogus the bit that'll identify me is my username, it's what I use most everywhere (email, for example). I know I can change it but you know... Removing select rants would be a lot of the rants I've written.

    But thank you for putting this on your list! I know how priorities can be never ending.
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    @alwaysmpe plausible deniability, in the words of Shaggy, just say it wasn't you
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    @trogus This may be a well known answer, but is there a place to see a list of features to be added (Todo list)?
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    @tisButABug there is no one spot like a public trello board, but we do typically reference what's upcoming in occasional news updates (https://devRant.io/news)

    Soon to be released includes subscribing to someone's new rants, new avatar items, and personalized share cards (when a rant is shared to social media we generate an image card, will soon have poster's avatar instead of default)
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    Personally I think if you're worried about any potential employers seeing your rants then you shouldn't use a username that makes you easy to find.

    That's really the only way they can find you and it seems like a very simple solution to just use one that doesn't make you searchable if you're worried about that.
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    @dfox you're right, and that's probably what I'll be doing. However I'd say you're trying to foster a community that shies away from censorship and anonymity. Swearing is accepted and its a positive place to vent our frustration. Obviously there's colabs, I've also seen people posting asking about jobs/internships in a specific area.
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    uhm just change your username?
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