Guys i had a question...do people managers get more salary than developers? If they do then would i ever earn more than them in future and how long will it take for me to earn more money than them? Dont get me wrong, i dont have anything against them, i just want devs who do all these stressful complicated stuff to have more salary than people managers...your thoughts please, thanks

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    You pay managers to make sure they don't pay devs too well and hence save costs. That's part of their job, from a shareholder POV.
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    Managers get paid to take responsibility off of your shoulders.
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    Responsibilities where they dont take consequences for though.
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    As a dev but having had responsibility for people I can tell you that computers are much easier.

    Managing people requires almost mind reading ability and I would not take such a job without at least double the pay of what I have as a dev.

    Managers usually have a lot more stress to handle.

    There is a reason losec had the nic name “boss pills”
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    Not sure what you mean by "people managers".
    Are you talking about HR? Pure people skills? Are you talking about a team lead, that has to manage people, as well as tech managment?
    If pure HR, devs usualy make more money then them at the same level.
    If talk about team leads - they make anywhere between 20% to 60% more then the devs they manage.
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    @Gemsrom depends on the company. my boss gets punished rather harshly if we screw up
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    Our economic model follows some very simple rules when it comes to salery:

    Salery rises the father you are away from the actual product.

    Salery drops the more you are actually helping humans.

    There are exceptions. But yes, your manager will most likely get more than you - no matter where in the hierarchy you are.
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    People manager here - on a team of six, I’m paid slightly above the mid point of the salary ranges. Half the team makes more than me.
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    Usually a manager / lead position should get more money than regular dev.

    If it's a ""good"" company, then the lead should take responsibility of their team - meaning they have to make sure everyone's adhering to work / safety standards.

    So simply put you'll have to learn legal stuff, make sure people follow legal stuff and make sure to not get squished by upper management.

    As always, one can do a shitty or a good job...

    While I'm pro higher payment if an employee does more work than others, I still dream of the unrealistic dream that the loan of upper management cannot exceed more than the tenth fold of the regular income of an employee.

    Regular income meaning full time working person.

    Oh Lord, we would have solved so many problems.
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