Anyone else use dark mode for everything except their ide? I can only use github light mode for vscode, I find it less stressful to read black text on white then white text on black

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    Nope, the only thing I don't have a dark theme for is the browser.

    Code, terminal, the works are dark blues, black, etc.

    I prefer dark blue as the BG but will live with black / dark grey if I have too.
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    Once you go dark, you no longer have to eat bark.
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    Depends on the light in the envuronment.
    But generally speaking, outdoors (sunny) = light IDE color scheme and indoors = dark IDE color scheme.
    Im almost always indoors when working
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    there's been a study on this, light mode is better for legibility, it's far less straining on the eyes (people read about 30% faster), so I don't think that's weird at all
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    I only really use dark mode for editors/IDEs and terminal emulators. Syntax highlighting pops out more on dark backgrounds. Light mode for almost everything else for the reason @darksideofyay gave: It's easier to read.
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    I’m using light theme for everything in general because my room is mostly well lit. Even in the evening with artificial light. I find it easier on the eyes.

    On mobile devices I use automatic mode where it decides depending on the time of the day. I’m a huge fan of everything that supports automatic theming.
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    Try out the Dracula theme. I liked especially the fact that the author created a version for each and every "thing" I use, so there is that good feeling of all following the same standards
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    @Lufom I think you mean Darkula
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    @alturnativ the inconsistency and broken palettes of some sites is worse then just having a shitty dark theme, plus I don't like the built in ones.

    I used to use userstyles but maintaining that for the likes of Jira / Confluence was eternal 😅

    So I have up, the browser I'll enable dark theme on if the say has it but otherwise nope.

    Things I need to look at 80% of the day are in dark mode and in a similar palette so there's aesthetic consistency, but also I get eye strain moving around between colour palettes with woeful contrasts too. So dark to white is a pain but dark to not so dark and heavy contrasts isn't much better either.

    The down side to fucked up eyes I guess 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 haha, I feel your pain on maintaining custom styles for specific sites (doesn't help that I can't CSS to save my life...), I only discovered those browser flags after the browser extensions for custom styles got blocked in our org 🙃

    It's not perfect but I've had very few complaints since setting it to "Enable with selective inversion of non-image elements".
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    E.g. in a IDE I prefer a light dark mode (not bright like solarized, but more greyish than black).

    True black / dark mode and I get depressed.

    Not joking, I find it stressful and emotionally challenging to stare at black stuff for a longer while....

    DevRant with the dark mode and it's grey text editor is okay - but in an IDE / browser / ... for 8 hours plus?

    I'd need some of the very good pills.
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    @Lensflare I really meant Dracula! Google draculatheme (this is the domain) and check out, his work is amazing!
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