When machines take over the world, at least we'll be the last ones with a job

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    Unless the machines learn to program themselves
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    @mantekillah, we'd still be the last once with jobs.
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    I always thought learning to program is the only way for machines to take over the world. Otherwise there would always be bugs (Errors=(more code)²) in their code humankind could use to defeat them unless people were way too slow.
    But still without the ability to program machines would run out of stuff to do after a while so they'd idle until they "die". Then an animal could rule the world - maybe the tardigrade.
    An AI however could try and avoid those bugs.
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    When machines will take over the world, we'll become doctors!
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    I wish this prediction will fail. I just wish though.
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    We will lead the resistance 😀 Normal soldiers would be uselessness against robots
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    @purpletoxicrain hey that's what I said. :D
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    Or they will just kill us first because we can defeat them ?
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    @oxkipo seriously if they will be smarter then us they will kill us first because we can turn them off
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    @oxkipo probably yes it will stop them only if they will not have brain in Faraday cage then we will be fucked up
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    Not sure if that's good or bad. Everyone else will be retired getting served Pina colada while we are exempt and have to keep working to keep the Pina colada bots going.
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    I like how this thread is about the end of humanity as we know it and nobody gives a shit.
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    What if the AI's will figure out there is no meaning for existence and there for they won't do anything. Or shut them selves off. Or will do us what they see as a favor and kill us.
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