Messenging with a friend about me working with VBA on a side project.

Me: VBA brings back bad behaviour
Him: Like?
Me: I_AM_KONSTANT and this is a _globalVariable.
Him: Hahaha^^
Me: Mister O. ...
Him: Mister M. ?
Me: Should i use goto?
Him: I think we need to break off contact.
Him: If you had said you killed someone. Ok.
Him: But GOTO?
Me: I did it. And then a cold shiver ran down my back.
Him: You deserve that!
( translate from German )

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    I know what you mean but for certain projects I have found VBA can be a good solution.
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    @Jumpshot44 nope. VBA is shitty.
    You're limited to the windows edition of excel and to small amounts of data.
    I wouldn't even want to write a POC with that horrible language
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    Ich hätte genauso reagiert. Fuck goto's

    For the first 2 1/2 years, I didn't even knew they existed. I never even felt the need for such a thing
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    Sure. There's a reason this project is in vba ( it's that the future users and maintainers are not programmers and don't have dev-tools, so i needed to do it in excel with macros ).

    I still hope that microsoft will someday scrap vba and replace it with .NET-Core.

    usually when i encounter these "this screams for a goto" situations, it's in code that doesn't make me happy anyway. SO KILL IT WITH FIRE!

    PS: The "Him"-Person in this conversation found this rant after 3 hours. Hello Sir :-D
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