Manager: Messages not visible! bug ticket!!!!

Dev: oh fuck, there's an issue with our chat system, not good! _inspects ticket_ oh, it's just a display issue that actually is according to the previous spec, yawn...

Dev: please describe the bug better next time, I though we had a major outage, this is simply a small design issue...

Manager: ...

Dev: ...

I think I'm quitting soon guys. I literally do not get paid enough to deal with these incompetent idiots each day.


Management: forget your shitty salary, take one for the team, you get 3% of the shares in the company!!!!

Dev: what fucking shares, you haven't even converted to a corporation yet, THERE ARE NO SHARES

Management: ...

Dev: ...

Oh yeah and they called me at 6:30 PM today: "so i guess you are winding down for the day"

fuck outta here i haven't been working since 5 you fucks

jesus i swear some people need to screw their fucking head on straight, so far gone into the hUsTlE CuLtUrE they don't even know what reality is anymore

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    I've been waiting for my shares to cash in for almost 10 years now....

    If it happens I'll be sitting with millions in the bank.

    If it ever happens.....

    I honestly think I need to get a lawyer involved because I'm certain they have breached contract which means they need to pay out.
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    @sariel I guess we devs should start to expect this almost (though that absolutely shouldn't be the case). The worst is that this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Spent 2 years on a project for a previous client, thought we were going to get a big payout, never saw more than an initial payout that was mere fractions of the total time spent... it's just sad and makes me lose more and more faith in so-called "smart business people"... more like assholes
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    But doesn't the bug report match the issue? It says the messages weren't visible, which is clearly something that needs fixing.
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    3% of nothing is still nothing.
    Tell them to hire more devs to get more work done.
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    @fullstackchris I never met a "smart business people".

    They're all egotistical, micromanaging, pieces of shit.

    Even the "good guys" eventually turn into backstabbing mother fuckers.
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    @ultrageoff yeah. It's funny to hear from anyone that messages being hidden is a mere "small design issue".

    There are UI/UX specialists just to prevent these "small issues" to grow into an abomination. This rant lacks more context that'd explain why it's nothing major.
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    $> (Unlisted Company Shares == Monopoly Money) ?
    $> True

    Seriously, if a company is not listed in a large-ass exchange, their shares are meaningless. The fucks can promise 600% of their shares to employees, than open a subsidiary, transfer all assets to the subsidiary, spin it off and leave you with worthless toilet paper.
    Never. Ever. Get. Startup. Shares.
    That is for suckers only, the so-called "seed capital angel investors", or "marks".

    Nor take a pay cut. If they have promised you that money, they should be able to pay it off. If they cant pay what they have already promised, get litigious on their deadbeat asses.
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