Short one, but it really gets me every time:

PLEASE tell me that I am not the only one typing hex-numbers in all caps!!!

I literally can't stand to see them in lowercase!!!

Every code I use with hex numbers in it (primarily ASM and C) I HAVE TO convert them into uppercase!!!

Is it just me and my stupid OCD or are there other ones like me????

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    So you‘re saying you‘ve got some … 0xbeef?
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    I don’t really care that much but I prefer lowercase because it’s easier to compare or remember numbers by their "shape".
    3ca0d17f has a more characteristic shape than 3CA0D17F.
    That is also why lowercase letters were invented. Some letters go up, some go down and it’s easier to identify words.
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    When I see #000abc I think the it is different than #000ABC
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    Happy to inform you that we are polar opposites. 😂 I can't stand colors screaming at me.

    Also, you'd have other concerns after converting to HSL. Are numbers even and/or can they be divided by 5/10? Now, that's peak OCD.
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    I understand you, they look uglier when there are some letters in it that don't have the right height. But it is easier to compare numbers/spot differences with different heights.
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    I also preffer upper.
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    @possum 0x010000000DEADBEEF
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    With hex I'm used to upper and it makes sense to me. With these license keys it awesome if they are case insensitive but please do them lowercase to avoid crap with O0Q1I looking the same in some fonts. Had the same issue with a initial password/activation code; contained "lI" exactly like that next too eachother. One is capital i other lowercase L. And of course they disabled paste.
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    I'm even worse. I cannot accept the same hex color appearing more then once in my CSS. var(--whatever) all the way babyyy.
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