Posting this rant on behalf of a friend.

I cannot install Mac OS-X Sierra on my top-of-the-line desktop MacPro because Apple has decided they want me to buy a new one, therefore I cannot install iTunes 12.5, therefore I cannot sync my iPhone 6s or iPad Air 2 to my music, backups or apps. $&@# you too, Apple! 😡

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    Bullshit. MacPro 2010 or later can instal Sierra.
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    Nope. His computer isn't on the list.
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    It must just be a really old machine, i don't think thats unreasonable that the latest OS is no longer supported.
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    Yeah, but he should still be able to sync his other Apple products. THAT is planned obsolescence.
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    Back in Tiger/Leopard era there were hacks for that.
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