What's your top 3 progressing languages/favorite editor?
(I choose Python, C++, and Applesoft Basic. & Notepad++ for the editor.)

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    Python, javascript, bash, notepad++ and atom
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    @stop Good choices! I hear atom is good.
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    atom is good if you must editing multple files in different folders and notepad++ for simple files
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    Sorry but what do you mean by a progressing language?
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    nodejs, lua, python. vs code.
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    I recently went back to sublime as it's active again and the languages i frequently use are typically PHP and Node.
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    @linuxxx My mistake. Google keyboard has a tendency to do that.
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    1. Intellij -> Java
    2. LiteIDE -> Go
    3. Notepad++ -> HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, NASM
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