I work with a designer who provides me with the mockups of the websites we do where I work. We use Figma, which is a tool similar to Sketch. I do design myself and with this tool is quite easy to mockup sites.

This designer is the worst person I've ever met in terms of document organization. He never organizes the layers of the documents, or even cares to assign names to each layer. It's not that hard with simple designs but when it comes to develop a full website it becomes awful.

I've been asking him politely to organice those documents into layers and groups for almost three years to which he never does.

I'm not able to find the proper words to ask again politely and when I do, he just puts the layers without order into a bunch of groups and calls the job done.

How hard is to be a bit emphatic to your coworkers and spend 5 minutes of your time making their life easier?

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    It's the same with most designers as they have no care what happens to the design after they have done their bit. I solve this by asking for a set of png's of each layout. As you will no doubt be reproducing this with css, you only need refer back to the shit files for the odd measurements and sizes and rgb values. Nightmare averted, sanity intact.
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    designer here: that is so true, i hate it when colleages doesn't tidy up their files. The minimum should be naming the layers.

    Hey whats your thougt on figma?
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    @helloworld I think I'll be doing it from now on. Thanks for the tip!
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    @heyheni It's great so far. I do some web design work too and helps me to get the mockups done much faster than using Photoshop.

    It's free until June and will probably purchase it after that.
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