Found good startup idea, thinking about it few days and almost planning, one day i searched similar products from google and found exactly my product

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    Story of my every idea :)
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    this shouldn't disencourage you, now you can study their product and improve it.
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    Make it better.
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    So now you can tell us about it ?
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    @TAABAP If it makes you feel better facebook and google where not completely original ideas.
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    So that means there is an active market for it ;)
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    Happened many times here. And you were all like "I will help so many people, improve their lives!" but you were disappointed they were being helped already, DIDN'T YOU?
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    They may have the same base idea, but no one executes the same. Most consumer startups depend on user growth, so if you are much better at marketing, you can surpass them in time, even if you do zero to differentiate yourself
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    @trogus the more places you're ads are, the more people will feel yours is original and the first.
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    @Faraaz totally. Look at the story of mobile games threes vs 2048 https://google.com/amp/s/...
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