As i see a ton of people complaining here about family related tech stuff. I guess i should introduce everyone to this guy.
I don't meme a lot but this one really hits close to home for me.
Details: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/...

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    Wow man I kind of got lost in that site
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    @sam9669 because of the horrible mobile format, or because of the memes?
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    My entire teenageife in one picture, so sad...
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    Omg this is so relatable... I've found my new meme to depict my life 😥
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    Even with fucking clients!

    Months ago I received a call from a client, arguing that his PC was slow and whatsoever (I told him that the PC was slow because he had over ~80,000 audio files on a single folder).

    What made me lose my shit was when he said "Oh, it's your fault, my PC was working alright until you touched it"

    Well, fucking prick, if it was working alright, why call me to fix it in the first place!!!
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    @apex This. Fucking this. My boss even came to the extent of making up a rule to us: Only touch a client's computer if every fucking thing that could cause an issue has been checked at least twice.
    The rule has exceptions tough, there's clients whose computers are ultimately off bounds, no touching, no remote assistance, even looking to them is forbidden.

    Clients ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @wesaka I can see some cases where this rule is nice, and other cases where it's completely stupid... There's no winning sometimes.
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