So, I applied for a job lately and the first interview via Zoom went pretty good. Then I got an invitation for a second interview at the company.

I got there, was guided into a conference room and the two head of departments along with an HR woman joined. After a bit if chit-chat HR rep said I should tell them in the next couple of days if I'm still interested. HR left, the other two gave me a tour of the complex, lasting about an hour.

then we got back to the conference room, waited for HR rep and when she arrived she told me something along the lines of "Yeah, we got an impression of you now and you don't need to contact us anymore if your are interested...."

me to myself: "wait what? that sucks...."

HR: "We are impressed enough of you that we want to hire you immediately. Here is the contract!"

me (completely speechless): "oh... OH... THANKS, but... OHHHH" (having a stupid perplexed grin on my face)

I mean... I got the job and pay is good, but PLEASE don't trick me like that!!! I nearly got a heart attack!!!

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    I would sing the contract then tear it appart they say something among the lines "I am sorry, so clumsy today, can you reprint this ?"
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    For some reason i despise the person who wrote this presently
    It sounds cheesy and made up like it’s explaining how they got a job in some dirty fashion for a front company and I want to eat them in many many bites prior to which I make small cuts like I’m eating steak in the presence of 1800s royalty.
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    And he posted this before last time
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    Wow, what a twist!
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    @AvatarOfKaine ok first, I haven't posted this before

    second: it really happened this way, believe it or not... Since I already waited for the reply of another company, I said I want a day or two to think about it, other company never got back to me, I signed the contract, sent it to them to sign and got the contract back. still no sign of life from the other company, sooo...
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    @Synthron your avatar has a sheepish smile on it
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