Who the fuck designed the UI of linkedIn? When I click on My Connection, I expect to see my fucking connections. Not People I may know, Not my recent invitations, no fucking bullshit. Just my connection.

They have a small fucking text (Not even a fucking button) that says "See All" in a small corner which I can click to see all my connections. Why the fuck do you a nav button on top called "My connection" then? FUCKING HELL MAN!

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    I find the new UI fucked up. Well it just me...
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    @g-m-f Their sorting algo is one of the most fucked up algo I have encountered in life. devRant has far better algorithm.
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    When did LinkedIn get updated?
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    @DeveloperACE For a while, I think. Couple of months?
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    There was a day when linkedin UI was good?
    OMG, I always miss the good stuff ):
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