Senior Tech lead keeps yapping about "we need more comments in the code"... Yeah right...

I reviewed his PR today:

# Get the feature list

# Assign the features to the columns
target.columns = features


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    # define method

    def killme; end;
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    Your senior tech lead and my junior dev would make a great pair! Check my latest rant to know why
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    @Xamenyap indeed a match made in heaven!

    But ya know... They're junior... They maybe don't know better.
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    @rantydev true, in my case he has the excuse of being a junior. A good tech lead should know how to write good comments.
    But I'm not surprised, I've seen a fair amount of incompetent tech leads before.
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    Senior? ”Add MORE comments!?” 🫣
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    A perfect example why comments should be used sparingly and ONLY when the code is not self explanatory.
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    ”All” MR/code reviews I write

    ”Remove comments”
    ”Change variable/method/class/file name to something understandable”

    I make the same mistakes (not comments). I never comment code.
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    #if condition
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    Come on! This has to be rant bait! How long did you had to search for a "senior" that stupid?!
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    @Oktokolo Hahahahaha I wish

    I wish
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    # read the code

    # the code tells the truth

    # nothing but the truth

    # still telling the truth

    # just read the code

    I would have a lot of fun doing this...
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    How the hell did he become a senior tech lead?!
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    @AlmondSauce By writing a lot of comments apparently
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    @deadlyRants by not getting fired.

    All to often senior is only an age bonus, not knowledge or capability title.
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    IMHO comments are only needed if you do something a bit complex or out of the ordinary, the rest for decent programmers should be easy to understand
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