Boss: make this thing
Me: yeah no worries. Where is the spec?
Boss: We don't have enough one but we outsourced the design so call him

Designer: haven't started yet
Me: excellent

Boss: I'm going on holiday. I'll leave this to you.
Me: erm ok. I'm having a few problems getting stuff out of the designer though.

*2 weeks later and still no designs*

Boss: I'm back. Where is the progress?!
Me: indeed.

*1 week later i get half designs that sort of make sense*

Boss: hurry up!

*1 week later*

Me: designer you're busting my balls here
Designer: yeah lol

Me to boss: still having problems. No idea what I'm doing.
Boss: deal with it

*2 days later*
PM: we are demoing it to clients tomorrow
Me: brilliant. I'll become a magician then.

* Meeting goes well and no one notices the thing is a bit buggy*

*2 days later*
Me to boss and pm: you already know whats going on but I'll keep trying.
Boss: ok it's just a proof of concept anyway.
Designer: yeah here's the rest of the designs lol

*1 week later, the designs made no sense, no idea what they wanted but hey it's a proof of concept so I'll just do my best...*

*suddenly again, hey you have 1 week before we sell it. Lol. smashes a product together as fast as humanly possible, due to half designs and no time to do it right even html classes and CSS aren't right - didn't know things would be repeated at the time. No time to fix entire thing. Luckily just a proof of concept*

New senior developer: hey boss just said this is being sold tomorrow.
Me: wtf..It's a proof of concept and i was given longer...
New senior developer: no
Me: :(

Senior developer and all colleagues: it's full of bugs and doesn't work
Me: yes that will happen without specs, random tight deadlines, no designs that made sense and a total of about a week and a half to make an entire system for multiple user types to make applications, send messages, post jobs, handle all paperwork and move paperwork among different user types as they go through applications. I told everyone what was going on but i get no support...


Boss: wtf i gave you so long! All i know is my entire staff is working on a product that should be done ages ago
Me: ok, however i have said almost every day i need-
Boss: I'm not interested

*I finish my placement year and never get any promised work or the job offer*

Seems legit?

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    What we have here is a failure to communicate. I mean your boss's failure to communicate.
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    And OF COURSE it's not the boss's fault...
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    It actually pisses me off quite a lot.

    I've got a better job now where we use TDD, agile, and all that good stuff and get 10k more than what my old place offered me, but it sort of annoys me my old company is still doing well.

    They haven't even heard of code reviews, agile, TDD, requirements analysis or anything. I used to get given a picture and some squiggly deadlines and that was it. No one once looked at my code and i started with barely any programming experience running my own solo projects as a bloody uni placement.

    How does a company like this do so well...They even have contracts with Vodafone now.
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    treat it as a good learning experience. how *not* to do things. Then forget about it. Some devshops have good sales ppl, that are able to sell turds, and are unable to manage the development pipeline for shit. iIentify the situation fast, and go find a better job.
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    But do you know where the 'designer' lives? I feel like I am having anger management issue and I need an outlet. >.< :/ lol
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    A Classical story when developers are considered by a blue collar.

    No specifications are not agile methods they said... Maybe one day, managers will understand that....
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    Yeah.. i've dealt with this kind of bosses.. too lazy to write specs but in the end always complain that the product is not what they expect. Only thing i could do (other than quitting in the end :p) was to ask lots of questions, got the specs out from his mind and wrote it down for my team. Did his job and dev work at the same time -_-
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    @aquabib i tried this :D he didn't know what he wanted. He knew less about his own idea than i did.
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    @craig939393 😅
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    @aquabib my favorite is when you pick their brain get the "spec" they tell you "that's exactly it, i knew you'd get it." A couple of hours to a day later start describing a product that isn't remotely the same and try to hit you with, "we just talked about don't you remember" 😑
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    @RYPTAR lol omg yeessss exactly!!! The 'dont you remember' part usually came from me though.. it's like.. wtf we just discussed this a couple of days ago, how can you not remember?#!?# but well.. i've put that bit in another rant 🤣
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    @RYPTAR I believe the term for that is "gaslighting".
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    @aquabib lmao muggles, welcome to DevRant btw. You're gonna fit riiiigggght in 👍😎
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    @RYPTAR thanks! And yes i've felt like i've finally found my long lost families here hahahah
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    This sounds so all familiar to me... just missing the end user part -

    Business user -"man your code has bugs,, we never asked this to work like this, I explained this when we were discussing the requirements"

    Me- (showing the minutes of the meeting on presentation screen, with an approval mail from him) I remember discussing exactly this with your approval on it.

    Business user- "ok we will come back to this later, what about feature Bla bla bla"

    Me - "This sounds new to me, we never discussed this"

    Business user - "ok, when can we get this by tomorrow EOD"

    Me (thinking) - Abra kadabra make me disappear from here
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