A LPT I read on Reddit which I really found effective, sharing with the community here:

Using following naming convention really helps to keep file system sorted

YYYY - MM - DD - Name

2022-12-31-Christmas trip to Amsterdam
2022-02-28-Honeymoon to Maldives
2021-09-15-Banged Christina

Your folders, will always be sorted in order making it easier for you to locate them.

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    "2021-09-15-Banged Christina"

    You too?
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    Just checking my folders...

    "2021-09-14-Banged Christina"

    ..she had a busy week
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    Oh boi, I got the filthy end of this stick.

    "2021-09-16-Banged Christina"
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    That's why you use the ISO date format, because even stupid string sorting works on that.
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    umm... obviously.
    i mean yeah, good tip, but i would think/hope that it's pretty obvious to people here which date(time) format is the best (this one) and why (because of this), and that it's nice to use it like this ;)
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    you know a few weeks ago in stand-up i brought up amongst my peers of a sno-bro tracker. to stop viscous cycles of calendar filling dirt bags list Christina.
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    You can also just name your file "kljsdflkjsdflkjsd.jpg", and then use metadata for sorting & searching.

    Most native file browsers allow you to edit EXIF fields -- And there are tons of great photo library managers which make the job even easier.

    In Windows explorer you can search by EXIF tags for example using "tag: penis width: >2000" in the search field, and on Linux command line you can grep using exiftool.
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    Hey! Christina is my wife!!!
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    Also helps to differentiate duplicate sounding folder names
    2021-10-31-Banged Christina
    2021-11-01-That wasnt christina
    2021-11-02-Banged Christina
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    @aviophile And she's also Brian!
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    @Fast-Nop And it sounds like she's a very naughty girl!
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