>Firefox randomly freezes
>Opens taskmanager
>spots Cortana running but "suspended"
>kills Cortana
>Firefox unfreezes


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    Edge is just Google chrome but without all that Google spyware! /s
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    *laughs in Linux*
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    @sariel instead of google spyware you get microsoft spyware. which is also embedded in the os.. there is no escaping this shit without shooting yourself in the foot
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    Except in Halo. In Halo, Cortana is cool
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    @KryptonTurtle Cortana was so much cooler when she was fictional.
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    @zlice nah that's a whole opposite temperature.
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    Wow it took 2 comments to the classic linux reply... I was betting on one
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    @dontbeevil Same here :^)
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    @dontbeevil I wasn't fast enough lol
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    So your fireFox is freezing? Try waterfox to day!Not only waterfox freezes but it melts when you use it. 😈
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    @EmberQuill setting up a dual boot on my laptop as we speak
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    @EmberQuill snap version is also pretty slow (newest ubuntu)
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    @daredesm yes, and i do blame snap for it.
    Flatpak ftw!
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    @EmberQuill right there with you
    Sucks having no visual studio or sql management studio though:(
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    Linux really has overtaken windows almost ! Now if they'd just left it that way!!!

    No more half cocked programming frameworks for companies to waste money on

    Fucking SharePoint and team foundation server !
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    Fucking George !
    That's avatars money George!!!!
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    "just agree with our shitty decisions and support the brand even when it fucking sucks Avi!"
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    Sees antimalwareexecutible.exe runninging 0.5-1%, stops it temporarily in security managet, everything unfreezes.

    Sees yourphone.exe running. Shuts it down but never figures out how to stop it for good.

    Everything unfreezes.

    Shutsdown windows task host.
    Everything unfreezes.

    Usb Mouse stops working. All usb stops working no matter how many times you reinstall drivers, restart the service, or unplug and plug the mouse and other devices.

    This let's me know an update has happened.

    Mouse will never start working again until restart.

    Restart to blue screen.

    Restart to repair. Restore point
    Wait a fucking hour.

    Reboot. Mouse works fine now that update is rolled back.

    Have to go in and manually pause updates for 35 days.

    No tricks. Not registry. Not disabling services. Nothing. Stops it from reactivating.

    Forget for two whole months you can pause for 35 days. Repeat this fucking bullshit every 2-3 days.

    Consider filing a class action for the thirty or forty some time.
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    @Wisecrack yeah that's microsofts way of eating up those pesky spare cpu cycles and threadlocking everything.

    its an official 'feature'.
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